Klayman: Obama ‘Dismantled’ the Country as Reparations

Klayman: Obama ‘Dismantled’ the Country as Reparations January 1, 2015

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, went on Newsmax TV and spouted some seriously incoherent nonsense linking Obama’s concerns about income inequality to his alleged obsession with “race and religion” and claiming that he has “dismantled the country” as payback to historical racism.

“If you’re talking about income equality all the time, that’s what he’s talking about, he believes in his heart, he sees everything in terms of race and religion,” he said. “And in my view, and this may sound harsh, but I think people are starting to believe it, is that he believes that this country had to pay back for years of invidious discrimination to African Americans — and it was terrible discrimination, I agree — and he has dismantled this country in many ways as a payback. And also with the Muslim world, he doesn’t like Israel, he’s done everything he can to harm them.”

“I don’t mean this in a racial way, but all of us are equal, we’re all the same and he favors what he considers to be his people over everybody else,” he added. “It wasn’t right when white people did it to African Americans, it’s not right that he’s now doing it to others in this country.”

That first sentence could be used in philosophy classes as an example of a non sequitur. The second half of the sentence literally has nothing at all to do with the first half.


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