The Year in Failed Glenn Beck Predictions

The Year in Failed Glenn Beck Predictions January 2, 2015

Glenn Beck is constantly telling his audience that he predicted everything that happens. He gets away with it because his audience is credulous and has a strong desire to believe him. Thankfully, Right Wing Watch actually tracks what he says so it can be checked. This one seems particularly amusing right now:

After predicting that the Ebola virus would become airborne and be brought into the United States by Nigerian prison workers, Beck then spent a week in October completely freaking out after a handful of American healthcare workers contracted the disease, warning that it could spell the end for this nation and telling his audience not the listen to anything the government says. Instead, Beck called upon millions of Americans to march on Washington demanding a ban on travel from West African nations, screaming that failure to do so was “literally going to be the death of us all.”

And then what happened? Nothing. It wasn’t the death of any of us (us being Americans; one Liberian man did die after coming here), much less all of us. Ebola didn’t become airborne. And Beck just moved on to the next object of his hyperbole and declared himself a prophet a few more times.


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