Fox News’ Latest Dumb Anchor

Fox News’ Latest Dumb Anchor January 3, 2015

Sometimes I think being really, really dumb is a prerequisite for being a Fox News anchor, especially for the Fox and Friends morning show (the collective IQ of Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Elizabeth Hasselbeck must barely reach triple digits). And now they have Clayton Morris reporting for them, who is scarcely much brighter. This is the guy who fell for the “Obama is going to ban donut sprinkles” nonsense last week and now he’s making this terrible argument:

“The EPA came out in 2007 [under President George W. Bush] and said, ‘You know what? Ozone exposure, not a big deal, we can find no evidence that it has adverse effects’,” Morris explained. “Well, the Obama administration has dug through and tried to find people that say that ozone still is bad for you, and they’re going to push through this ozone regulation, the costliest in American history.”

Co-host Peter Johnson Jr. added that new coal ash regulations were also going to cost $20 billion.

“Just when you thought you were over-regulated already,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt sighed. “I haven’t heard ozone layer in forever.”

“I know!” Morris exclaimed. “Or do you want to bring back acid rain?”

“Remember acid rain,” the Fox News host laughed. “Whatever happened to acid rain? It was ruining cars. Whatever happened with that?”

What happened? EPA regulations worked and reduced it dramatically, beginning in 1980 and continuing through policy changes in both Bush administrations. Today, the problem has been reduced by about 2/3. But he’s so ignorant of that he thinks a pro-regulation argument is an anti-regulation argument.

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