Dinesh D’Souza….Dancing?

Dinesh D’Souza….Dancing? January 5, 2015

I almost feel like I should apologize in advance for putting this here. I have no idea what it’s actually from. It appears to be some local version of a terrible “reality” TV show, maybe Dancing With the Convicted Felons and Pathological Liars. It’s Dinesh D’Souza dancing to Johnny B. Goode. Or maybe it’s the talent show for that halfway house he’s staying at?


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  • Carl

    This is the only likable thing he’s ever done.

  • Cuttlefish

    Somewhere out there on some form of digital video, there is footage of me dancing. If memory serves, I partially dislocate the elbow of my dance partner. I will, without watching, give D’Souza all the breaks he requires on this video.

    It is good to dance well, but it is more important to dance at all. Since the music plays so briefly, and all that.

  • martinc

    Hmmm. There are lots of things Dinesh D’Souza should be ashamed of. Dancing is not one of them. Even if he were terrible, which frankly from this evidence, he isn’t.

    There are people out there who lie and cheat and hold appalling opinions. D’Souza is one of them. I am a fan of criticizing such people. But for the lying and cheating and appalling opinions, not their dancing.

    Unless D’Souza is on record somewhere as saying dancing is the work of the devil, I can’t see why this video should bring him anything but a small amount of credit.