More Cops Caught Lying on Reports, Engaging in Brutality

More Cops Caught Lying on Reports, Engaging in Brutality January 6, 2015

Stop me if you’ve heard this one more than a hundred times before. A video of police arresting a man suspected of running a meth lab shows that they lied on their report after one of them kicked the suspect in the face while he was laying on the ground with his partner sitting on top of him.

A video showing a mid-Missouri drug task force detective kicking a restrained, prone suspect in the head is raising allegations of police brutality.

The video, which appeared in November on YouTube, shows a fleeing Whittle running through a field. He turns to surrender and raises his hands before lying facedown as plainclothes detectives run toward him.

The first detective sits on Whittle and waits for his partner. As the second detective arrives, he kicks Whittle’s head, which jerks violently.

Moments later, Whittle rolls slightly and looks up. Blood is streaming across his forehead and down his face.

All of this is crystal clear in the video. After running away from the cops, the guy stops, puts his hands in the air and lays down flat on the ground. One officer is sitting on his back, holding his hands behind his back to cuff him when the other one comes running up and kicks him in the face while he’s defenseless. Predictably, they lied on the report and said that he had hit the windshield of his car:

In his written report, Chinn wrote that as he was running, he heard Detective Kip Bartlett yelling at Whittle to put his arms behind his back.

“As I approached I observed the suspect Timothy Whittle continuing to turn his head and … attempting to resist by furtive movements,” Chinn wrote. “While running I swiftly arrived next to the suspect and gave him a dry stun, and an application of a five second burst from the Taser in the center of his back to gain compliance and control. … At this time the suspect, Timothy Whittle, stop (sic) resisting.”

Bartlett’s account also maintained that Whittle resisted.

“I ordered him to the ground,” Bartlett wrote. “Once on the ground I attempted to handcuff him. Whittle started stiffing his arms and kept pulling his right arm away. I was telling him to stop resisting.”

Neither account mentioned the kick to Whittle’s head. Bartlett did mention “two small cuts” near Whittle’s right eye, writing that Whittle “told me he had hit his head on the windshield when he jumped a mound of dirt in one of the field (sic).”

In the video, however, no blood showed on Whittle’s face as he ran through the field.

So they left out that important part about the kick in the face and lied about how he got his face busted open. Wanna take any bets on whether they’ll actually be punished for it? I doubt it. Here’s the video:


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  • John Pieret

    Hey! If you make cops run a quarter mile through a field after their second donut, whatever you get, you deserve!

  • eric

    Once on the ground I attempted to handcuff him. Whittle started stiffing his arms and kept pulling his right arm away. I was telling him to stop resisting.”

    Oh those poor policemen. A suspect stiffened his arm at them! Can you imagine? You can’t expect the police to respond to rampant arm-stiffening with anything less than a dry stun and kick to the head. I mean, that’s totally a measured response. Its not like they shot the guy execution style. They only do that for people who stiffen both arms.

  • Childermass

    There is a chance the cops will get in trouble if only because the perp was white.

  • mattkovach

    he was deliberately bleeding to cover his ace, that’s resisting arrest

  • erichoug

    Meh. I remember one friend of mine who got handcuffed and laid down on the ground by HPD. They very kindly laid him down on top of a fire ant mound. When he started screaming and rolled off of it, they beat the shit out of him and charged him with resisting arrest and, I think, attempted escape.

    There were a couple of people I knew who told me about the table that HPD used to have at 61 Riesner with an eye bolt in the middle of it. If you really pissed them off, you would get to find out what the eye bolt was for. Hint: Think handcuffs, phone books and police batons.

    My favorite was the time Rhett told me about getting arrested by the HCSO at the Art Car Ball. He said that they punched him in the stomach, sprayed mace in his face, and then pulled his shirt up over his head. He said that when they punched and maced him he thought he was going to die. When they pulled the shirt up over his head, he knew he was going to die. I thought he was full of shit for a long time, right up until there was an older guy on the 6 o’clock news telling the same exact story. Rhett came in the next day, walked right up to me and said:”See, I told you!”

    So the video is not particularly surprising. Awful none the less but not surprising.

    For bonus credit, can anyone tell me the name of the guy that HPD was transporting by boat across a bayou or lake and he “Accidentally” fell in and drowned while still in cuffs?

  • StevoR

    @ ^ Childermass : Well that’s cynical. Quite possibly right but cynical.

    Cops have a hell of a job to do and see the very worst in people so often. My thoughts are with them – but yeah there are some bad one s too giving the good ones a bad rep and unfairness built into the system which sucks.

  • Samuel Vimes


    You joke, but Ferguson (yes, that Ferguson) cops did charge a man they wrongly arrested and subsequently beat while holding him in a cell for bleeding on them. I shan’t provide a link so that you may experience the dubious joy of search-and-discover-and-hate-humanity-just-a-little-bit-more for yourself.

  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • marcus

    “As I approached I observed the suspect Timothy Whittle continuing to turn his head and … attempting to resist breathe by furtive movements,” Chinn wrote.

    The old “I can’t breathe!” ploy. He’s got a lot of fucking nerve!

  • Doug Little

    StevoR @7.

    but yeah there are some mostly bad one s too giving the, scarce as hens teeth, good ones a bad rep