Tantaros Worries About Christie’s ‘Aggressive Man Hugs’

Tantaros Worries About Christie’s ‘Aggressive Man Hugs’ January 6, 2015

Andrea Tantaros, the Fox News host and clueless dolt who screamed “The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome” in response to the Senate torture report, is now very concerned that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may get too aggressive with his man hugs. Seriously.

However, the Fox News wondered if there was a “deeper” issue with Christie’s desire to hug men.

“Is the bigger issue here not his disloyalty to the Giants or the Eagles, but his problem with aggressive man hugs?” Tantaros opined. “Because Chris Christie seems to aggressively manhandle the president, he’s aggressively man hugging the owner of the Cowboys.”

“Are all of these aggressive man hugs pointing to something maybe much deeper?”

This was prompted by Christie being in Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones luxury box for a playoff game on Sunday and a very awkward hug/high five that was caught by TV cameras when the Cowboys won the game. Others have made a big deal out of the fact that Christie is a Cowboys fan rather than a fan of the Jets or Giants, who play their games in New Jersey. Seriously, that’s what our political discourse has become in this country. That’s what people care about and what the media reports on. And we wonder why we’re a punchline.


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