Yes, Moderate Muslims Do Condemn Terrorism. A Lot.

Yes, Moderate Muslims Do Condemn Terrorism. A Lot. January 6, 2015

I swear, if I hear someone ask one more time in response to some act of Muslim brutality or terrorism why moderate or liberal Muslims don’t condemn it, I’m going to puke blood. Have they ever bothered to look? Do they expect those people to knock on their door and deliver such a message via singing telegram? Rabbi Marc Schneier notes that Muslim leaders do so all the time but get almost no media coverage when they do.

Why don’t Muslim leaders speak out?

That question comes up every time terrorists purporting to be deeply religious Muslims carry out armed attacks that kill innocent people. Where, commentators ask, are the moderate Muslim leaders and why aren’t they decrying the horrors perpetuated by fellow Muslims?

In fact, mainstream Muslims are speaking out, clearly and consistently. Leaders around the world, many of whom I know personally through my work at the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, have issued strong and unambiguous statements virtually every time a violent attack has occurred, condemning such acts as immoral and counter to the fundamental precepts of Islam.

Yet somehow their responses are not being heard, barely registering in the public consciousness…

For example, after riots by a predominantly Muslim crowd in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles attacked a synagogue and Jewish businesses, the local Muslim Association sent a letter of solidarity and support to the vice president of the synagogue. National Muslim leaders took part in an interfaith ceremony that denounced the violence and called for reconciliation. French Council of the Muslim Faith head Dalil Boubakeur, who attended the ceremony, affirmed that the vast majority of French Muslims are not anti-Semitic. How could they be, he asked, when they themselves are battling racism?

Those responses should have been part of the story. But too often, Islam is portrayed negatively, and as a monolithic entity. People don’t realize that there is a diversity of opinion within Islam and that most Muslims condemn extremism and violence.

Yes, Islamist extremism is a genuine threat to world peace. But those who lump all Muslims together, and dismiss as meaningless the courageous stand of the moderate majority against extremism, aren’t helping to win that battle. Rather, they’re strengthening extremism by perpetuating a false narrative of perpetual conflict between Islam and the West. That is something which we must fight with all our might.

This. So very much this.

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  • StevoR

    I have known some Muslims (no, not in the biblical sense o’th’word.)

    They aren’t bad people.

    Plus, yeah, what Ed said.

  • StevoR

    Or what Ed quoted rather. Still true.

    Muslims are messed up human beings just like me, you and everyone else.

    Okay maybe less fucked up than I am. Most of ’em.

  • StevoR

    maybe less fucked up than I am

    Not that that is hard I’ll admit! 😉

    (But I’m gettin’ better maybe? Dunno)

  • Also I was under the impression that a lot of terrorism was Muslims attacking the ‘wrong sort’ of Muslims.

    I. e. they suffer too!

  • @4: That is correct, loosely speaking. The majority of victims of Muslim terrorist violence are other Muslims.

  • These Muslins don’t count. Besides, Muslins are allowed to lie for their faith. And anyway, Muslins never speak out against Muslin violence.

  • dingojack

    Nah, doesn’t ever happen, Oh no never

    @@ Dingo

  • laurentweppe

    Have they ever bothered to look?

    Of course they looked: they noticed the condemnations, they decided to pretend they hadn’t seen them/they didn’t matter. And since the article you mention is about my homeland, may I remind you once again that french muslims are still for the most parts plebeians whose ancestors not so long ago were little more than serfs and fucktoys to be used and abused by their wealthy white masters: many among among the “moderate Muslims don’t condemn terrorism crowd” long for these “good old days

  • Holms

    [Muslims] aren’t bad people.

    Unless they’re Palestinians amirite StevoR?

  • Similarly they complain that black people never protest black on black violence, except they do and received only minor coverage if they receive any coverage at all because protests are only noteworthy if they’re perceived as an attack on conservative totems. Then it’s just one “Godam America” in years of preaching or criticism of the badge and the gun and they can’t stop reporting it and repeating it.

  • There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. There are only jihadis who wish to destroy us either by attacking us directly or by lulling us into complacency by pretending to be moderate. QED.

  • scienceavenger

    I swear, if I hear someone ask one more time in response to some act of Muslim brutality or terrorism why moderate or liberal Muslims don’t condemn it, I’m going to puke blood. Have they ever bothered to look?

    Of course not, for the same reasons they never look for atheists’ criticisms of Islam. Facts would unsettle their prejudices.

  • StevoR

    @9. Holms : “Unless they’re Palestinians amirite StevoR?”

    No you aren’t right. Palestinians are human individuals same as everyone else. Members of Hamas and other Jihadists groups are evil – by choice and behaviour and actions. Ordinary Palestinians who are trying to live their lives without attacking others are not evil and are often good people too just like all others.

  • colnago80

    Hey weppe @ #8

    Better get out while the getting is good. In the not too distant future, France will resemble Syria.

  • laurentweppe


    Ha yes, Charlie’s redaction (whose members were repeatedly accused of antisemitism every time they targeted the mobsters who rule Israel) was slaughtered and now you’re delightedly, gleefully, furiously masturbating in front of your computer because journalists you loath are dead and now you will sanctimoniously hide behind their corpses when express your genocidal fantasies.

    You and your ilk retain my eternal contempt.

  • colnago80

    Re weppe @ #15

    It appears that the magazine was attacked by Muslime terrorists, not the Mossad.

  • Funny how the anti-Muslim bigot comes here specifically to join and amplify a Muslim terrorist threat and urge someone to run away in response.