Watching Right Wing Drama Unfold

Watching Right Wing Drama Unfold January 7, 2015

TBogg has a hilarious rundown of tweets sent out by Matt Boyle, an “investigative journalist” at Breitbart “News,” as he convinced himself that Boehner was really, truly going to lose his position as speaker, then slowly come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to happen and start lashing out at Republicans who voted for him.

Here is a collection of tweeets– from early stirrings ‘down there’ to blood-engorged Boehner-boner to “hey, is it supposed to be this soft?” to “it happens to all guys…see yourself out” — of Boyle’s collapse into sad-face, as he documented it on the Twitter.

It began on New Year’s Day, when Boyle said 2015 was going to be a very good year because he anticipated the “revenge of the right.” When one conservative said they weren’t voting for Boehner, he sensed a “rebellion brewing” that was led by “serious conservatives and Republicans” with a “serious chance of success.” He squee’d over “phone calls pouring in from around America to the Capitol” demanding that Republicans replace Boehner and that “several major conservative members with sway in conference have agreed to vote for Republican alternative to Boehner.” Then there was this bizarre tweet:

Serious question for next Congress: What did Boehner know about Benghazi and when did he know it?

Uh, what? Back to the cheerleading. At 10 am on Tuesday, hours before the vote, he still had reason for optimism, saying, “I’m hearing Jeff Duncan of South Carolina is coming out against Boehner shortly… Game changer… This thing still has momentum.” Then 30 minutes later: “Yoho told me just now he predicts Boehner won’t be re-elected on the first ballot…. developing.” Yoho, incidentally, got two votes, including his own. By 1:30, after the vote was taken, he was casting blame:

The coup would clearly have been successful if conservative members had backbone and voted for Republican alternative.

If it weren’t for those pesky kids! The best part is that Andrew Kirell then copied a tweet from Boyle back in 2012 saying that he heard that “Boehner may resign” as speaker. Keep those predictions coming, Matt. Please.

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