The Eternal Sunshine of the Wingnut Mind

The Eternal Sunshine of the Wingnut Mind January 8, 2015

The far right really went all-in to try to knock John Boehner from his position as speaker of the house and lost badly. Now that it’s over, though, they’re doing their best impersonation of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Joseph Farah climbs up on his chair and screams “we have not yet begun to fight” at the top of his lungs:

I guess those of us who have fought the good fight against Boehner and the Republican establishment could throw up our hands and give up the fight.

Not me.

I hope not you.

We fight another day.

And that day is today.

Yes, that is a two word paragraph, followed by two consecutive four word paragraphs and a five word paragraph, with only two words in all of them having more than one syllable. This is the kind of thing you do when you want people to think you write an entire column every day when you really don’t.

I like to think I had something to do with starting this historic and nearly successful rebellion. When no one else was even talking about a “dump Boehner movement,” I started one, with the help of grass-roots support from across the nation.

I’m afraid it’s going to take millions of letters to awaken the House Republicans who put committee assignments and prime office space above the best interests of their country. But we can do it. We came very close Tuesday – closer than I could have imagined three weeks ago…

The good news is that speakers of the House can be dumped any time. It’s unusual for them to be challenged like Boehner was challenged Tuesday. It will be harder the next time. But we cannot allow House Republicans one minute of celebration over what they just did. They need daily reminders that they made a bad choice – one their constituents strongly reject.

That’s why I am back to ask you to pour it on.

Reminds me of all the attempted rallies and marches they’ve attempted in Washington over the last few years, each one a massive failure. Over and over again they’ve claimed that literally millions of people — 10-30 million was their estimate in the last one — were going to show up to remove Obama from office. Each time, they get a few hundred people at best. But every time, they’re just sure the next one is going to be the one that does the trick. Next time it will all be different, just you watch.

Being a wingnut means never, ever acknowledging that you were wrong. It means deluding yourself continually.

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