Brody Declares Huckabee ‘Reaganesque’

Brody Declares Huckabee ‘Reaganesque’ January 9, 2015

Alleged “journalist” David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network has tagged Mike Huckabee with the greatest title that a conservative could possibly have bestowed upon them, calling him “Reaganesque” because of his folksy sense of humor and other irrelevant traits.

I have one word to sum up Mike Huckabee: “Reaganesque.”

That’s right. I said it. He really does remind The Brody File of Ronald Reagan. He has a folksy charm and a humor that can diffuse a situation and make people comfortable even if you don’t like his policies. He’s hard to hate and that’s not easy to do as a politician.

But that’s Huckabee’s charm. He’s a politician that doesn’t act like one. He’s not a flame thrower. He’s really just a regular guy from Arkansas that likes to play the guitar, enjoy a good meal, and worship God (he also happens to be really smart, too). Not many candidates can pull that off.

Also, let’s be candid here for a moment. Can we stop with this idea that Huckabee only plays to the evangelical crowd because he’s a former pastor? Oy-gevalt!

Yes, he has a relationship with evangelicals since he’s one of them, but Huckabee has much broader appeal than just evangelicals. His common sense talk and “fly over country” mentality strikes a chord with many folks who may not consider themselves traditional evangelical voters.

Funny how that folksy charm and supposedly broad appeal did him little good in 2008. He won the Iowa caucuses, which strongly evangelical candidates usually win, and a handful of states in the deep south, and nothing else. He got a whopping 240 delegates out of about 1800 total delegates. So much for broad appeal.

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