Perkins Blames Obama for Murder of Christians

Perkins Blames Obama for Murder of Christians January 9, 2015

Tony Perkins, ever eager to strike the persecution pose, responded to a caller on his radio show by claiming that President Obama is causing Christians to be murdered around the world because he doesn’t think Christians should be allowed to engage in discrimination here.

He then added that President Obama is permitting the violent persecution of Christians outside of the U.S. in places like Iran and North Korea because his domestic social policies show “hostility” to religion.

Rather than cite any specific examples, Perkins brought up the mayor of Atlanta’s decision to terminate the city’s fire chief after he violated employment policies by distributing to coworkers his self-published book that included condemnations of homosexuality. Perkins told Hector that such actions ultimately contribute to violence against Christians.

“Tyrants abroad see an administration that is not only not interested in protecting religious freedom but actually persecuting, like we saw with the mayor there in Atlanta firing the fire chief because he believes in biblical morality and dares speak about it,” he said. “And if you and I tolerate that religious intolerance from the secular left, the rabid secular left, then Christians are going to die abroad.”

Well clearly so, right? If we don’t let Christians in the United States discriminate against gay people and deny reproductive health care to women in their insurance plans, Kim Jong-un is prompted to kill Christians. There’s an obvious and direct causal relationship there, but only if you’re completely incapable of reasoning coherently.

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