‘Prophet’: Jesus Wants Us to Take Over the Government

‘Prophet’: Jesus Wants Us to Take Over the Government January 9, 2015

Dutch Sheets, one of the innumerable self-appointed “prophets” associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, says that he spoke to God personally and that God wants Christians to take over the government and is now opening the door for them to do so.

Fifteen years ago, God unequivocally and undeniably gave me Isaiah 22:22 as a life-verse. “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens no one will shut, when he shuts no one will open” (NASB). After 40 plus confirmations over a two-week period—yes, more than 40—I became thoroughly convinced this verse was both a promise and a weapon for me. I have since used the verse hundreds of times throughout America – in all 50 states and in Washington D.C. – to open and close spiritual doors for the Lord.

After receiving the Isaiah 22:22 key for impacting the nation, much of my time was spent in the nation’s capital, carrying out very specific and strategic prayer assignments. Heaven’s endorsement on these missions was without question, with confirmation after confirmation being given to affirm the assignments. Oh, the stories I could tell from that season of my life—amazing! While this verse has never left my thinking or ministry, for several years after the 2008 change in our national leadership, the Lord redirected my attention toward other assignments in America. As a result, my time in Washington DC, decreased significantly.

Within the past year, however, I have sensed the Lord asking me to wield the Isaiah 22:22 key in our nation’s capital once again. Through my recent re-commissioning (which you may read about here), and other prophetic revelation, the Lord has confirmed to me that the door to the governmental arena—and to Washington DC, specifically—is again wide open. And where Holy Spirit leads, I will certainly follow…

The outcome of our mid-term election causes hope to arise, affirming that people are ready for change. Americans are being awakened and made ready to press through complacency taking strides toward real change. For such a time as this, God has prepared and positioned Kingdom ambassadors to wield His influence and shape our national destiny. The Lord has called Dutch Sheets Ministries, and other similar ministries, to partner with Him by making bold governmental decrees, strongly supporting Godly leaders, strengthening the church, and releasing divine strategy for re-igniting a prayer movement that will shift our nation toward righteousness. I believe these strides toward Kingdom governance will birth revival in America…

As Holy Spirit has reemphasized Isaiah 22:22 to me, I have prayed that you will be encouraged to take hold of God’s promises and personally activate the keys—governmental authority—in your own life and for the nation. My prayer is that you would walk boldly in this authority God has delegated to you.

Some of you may be instructed of the Lord, as I have been, to use your Isaiah 22:22 key within the sphere of government, and particularly within Washington DC. Some of you are called to pray for your state capital, your city or even another nation. Others of you may be assigned to use your kingdom keys in the financial realm, for educational institutions or for the entertainment sector. As you seek the Lord, He will reveal these and other assignments to you.

In this New Year the Lord is releasing keys—heaven’s governmental authority—that are yours for the taking. As you lay hold of them, your intercession and obedience will release you into a partnership with God, resulting in even broader realms of influence.

God is not finished with America, and He needs each one of us to help shift this nation! He is calling forth Kingdom warriors who will effectively wield the Isaiah 22:22 weapon, such that His throne of righteousness and justice is reestablished within our land.

Yeah, we’ve seen what Christian “justice” looks like. It isn’t pretty.

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  • Isn’t “Dutch Sheets” when you push your partner under the covers and then fart?

  • dingojack

    Why, oh why, would anyone give a shit what Dutch Oven ‘thinks’…


  • Mr Ed

    Ezekiel 13:3

  • Trebuchet

    @1, Modus: I was thinking more of some satin ones in the red-light district of Amsterdam. “Dutch Sheets” would also be an awesome porn star name.

  • wreck

    “I have since used the verse hundreds of times throughout America – in all 50 states and in Washington D.C. – to open and close spiritual doors for the Lord.”

    Dog can’t open doors for himself? Not much of a supreme being.

  • busterggi

    Yahweh has such poor taste in prophets.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Romans 13:1-7 — 1 Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there. All governments have been placed in power by God. 2 So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow. 3 For the authorities do not frighten people who are doing right, but they frighten those who do wrong. So do what they say, and you will get along well. 4 The authorities are sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for you will be punished. The authorities are established by God for that very purpose, to punish those who do wrong. 5 So you must obey the government for two reasons: to keep from being punished and to keep a clear conscience. 6 Pay your taxes, too, for these same reasons. For government workers need to be paid so they can keep on doing the work God intended them to do. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and import duties, and give respect and honor to all to whom it is due.

  • petemoulton

    You battle Satan with the prophets you have, not the prophets you wish you had… (Always knew Rumsfeld must be good for something)

  • Michael Heath

    If this nutball’s many bald assertions were true, he’d have handily beat Rep. John Boehner out to be the new Speaker of the House.

  • caseloweraz

    So fifteen years ago Ghod-hu gave Dutch Sheets “the key” — and then went away? Only now is Sheets’s deity returned to take advantage of the work of good and faithful servants like Sheets? What’s changed?

    Oh, right: Republicans now control both houses of Congress. Seems Ghod-hu can’t work without them in charge. Some supreme being!

  • it’s already started.

    Summary: Mayor and council of a small town in Alabama deeded the town over to God. I certainly hope that the town charter has a recall clause and that “breech of fiduciary duty” is one of the possible charges.

  • lorn

    The scary part is that as nut as this guy is he, and a whole lot like him, have the better ear of many coming into office. The Christian right is going to demand its due. And seeing as that this entails selling out the nation and the majority of its people, but not anyone who really matters, those holding office and owing their positions, at least in part, to people like Sheets, they are likely to give them what they want. Even in a Christian nation the rules will only be for the ‘little people’.

  • dcsohl

    AND this “key” he was given was a piece of text in a book that has been published billions of times through the ages and read by that many people as well. Yet somehow it’s magical for HIM. What’s up with that?

    Also, what’s up with the “(NASB)” notation? Makes me think of “(PBUH)”…

  • dingojack

    To reiterate – why would anyone take ‘piss-stained sheets’ seriously?!?