Republicans Accuse Each Other of Communist Oppression

Republicans Accuse Each Other of Communist Oppression January 9, 2015

Pop some popcorn, kids. Watching this failed attempt to remove John Boehner as House Speaker is cracking me up. When they took a shot at the king and missed, he immediately started punishing those who voted against him by removing their committee chairmanships. Let the howls of outrage begin:

Rep. Ted Yoho, the Florida Republican who helped lead yesterday’s unsuccessful revolt against John Boehner’s re-election as House speaker, warned after the vote that attempts by the House GOP leadership to punish defectors by removing them from committee posts are akin to communist oppression.

“We’ve grown up in a country that honors free speech,” Yoho told WorldNetDaily’s Radio America. “If I can’t speak what’s on my mind, if I can’t do what the people of my district sent me up here [to do] and have that voice of dissension without fear of retribution, I’m not in a free country. That would be something you would expect in China, Cuba or any other communist country.”

Yeah, like they couldn’t have known that was coming. As the old saying goes, politics ain’t beanbag. If you’re gonna take a shot at the king, you’d better not miss.

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