Boykin Tells Another Lie

Boykin Tells Another Lie January 11, 2015

Disgraced former Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, now a propagandist for the Family Research Council, is not known for his firm grip on reality. In yet another example of a baldfaced lie, Boykin makes the bizarre claim that the police in Dearborn won’t go into Dearborn because of all the Muslims. Or something.

After host Tony Perkins warned that Muslim-Americans are “not assimilating into the broader American culture” and instead seek to establish “closed communities” in states like Minnesota and Michigan, Boykin insisted that it has gotten so bad that the police now refuse to go into Dearborn, Michigan, except for in cases of emergency.

“Talk to the police in Dearborn, talk to the police in Detroit, and ask them how often they go into Dearborn and the reality is it’s more on an emergency basis than it is for any kind of routine police activities there,” Boykin said. “We have the same problem here, by not assimilating these people, we are creating the same kind of situation that France and Britain and much of Europe has.”

Wait, so the police in Dearborn won’t go into Dearborn? Where do they go, to other cities? And why would police from Detroit, a completely different city go into Dearborn? Does he think the police in Detroit are not afraid to patrol their own city, which is one of the worst cities for crime in the entire country, but they won’t go into Dearborn? And if this is true, why is the crime rate in Dearborn lower than both the state and national averages? Boykin is terminally clueless and a liar.

It should also be noted that while the population of Dearborn is heavily Arab, that does not mean they’re all Muslim. Indeed, it’s home to a large population of Chaldeans, who are Arab Christians. But for bigots like Boykin, Arab = Muslim = Evil.

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