More Terrible Reactions to Hewett Victory

More Terrible Reactions to Hewett Victory January 11, 2015

Steven Hewett got a major victory in King, North Carolina, where the city council voted to settle the case and give him everything he wanted. That means no more Christian flags flying over the veterans memorial they built and no more statue of a soldier praying to a cross. And the idiotic and vile reactions continue to pile up. On Newsmax, a lot of the ignorami there think it’s all about communism for some bizarre reason.

There are a few good judges left, but the matter would be transferred to a communist judge in federal court ( appointed by Clinton or Barack) who’d rule against the Judeo-Christian tradition every time…

ProgLibs (socialists) don’t believe in private property. Why do you wish to have capitalist money ? You voted to give power to the anti-God socialists, so eat your ideological peas now. “Socialism is the road to Communism.” – Karl Marx (but what would he know about it, right ?)…

Most women, blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Muslims vote the socialist-communist ticket every time. At heart, it’s an anti-Christian vote, promoting the Philosophy of Death…

They (socialists) condition people to abdicate and kow-tow to the smallest minority. This pays off later when only about 10% of the people can overthrow the government (ref. Bolshevik Revolution)…

Saying such idiotic things really should automatically rescind one’s right to vote, shouldn’t it? Then there’s all the “he’s not a real veteran” bullshit:

They won’t fight for this memorial because a “so-called veteran” doesn’t like the Christian flag? I understand the cost to the small town but, what is wrong with Hewitt??? (sarc)…

This guy is no Veteran, he’s an a$$hat…!

Yeah, he’s a “so-called veteran.” Must be why he was awarded the Combat Action Badge and a Bronze Star in Afghanistan. Because he’s no veteran. And then, of course, there are the thinly veiled threats of violence:

The ideal thing would be that Steven Hewitt simply disappears some day and is never heard from again. There is more than one way to solve a problem…It is what he deserves…

Why don’t ‘accidents’ happen anymore?

And they’ll know they are Christians by their love.

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