Bigot: We’re Being Pushed Into the Closet

Bigot: We’re Being Pushed Into the Closet January 12, 2015

For devotees of irony, this is a good one. Peter LaBarbera, the virulently and viciously anti-gay bigot who founded Americans for Truth (sic) About Homosexuality, is upset that his fellow bigots are being forced into the closet. I hope they at least find it well-decorated.

Conservative talk show host Janet Mefferd invited Peter LaBarbera, the anti-gay activist who heads Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, onto her program yesterday to discuss the controversy surrounding the Atlanta fire chief who lost his job after distributing to coworkers his self-published book that contained denunciations of homosexuality.

According to Mefferd, the fire chief’s firing is a sign that conservatives are now forced to be closeted. She borrowed a line from anti-gay author Michael Brown: “It’s kind of like what Michael Brown said, what they want is to shove us in the closet now.” LaBarbera agreed, lamenting that “homophobia is the new sin, homosexuality is out as the sin.”

Well yes, homophobia is going the way of racism. More and more, bigots have to express their bigotry through dog whistles rather than blunt appeal to prejudice. I regard this as a very good thing, made better by LaBarbera’s ironic whining.

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