Pastor Claims Assault Led to Conversion

Pastor Claims Assault Led to Conversion January 12, 2015

Here’s video of a pastor bragging about committing assault on a teenage boy in his youth group, punching him because he wasn’t “taking the lord serious” — and claiming that doing so converted the kid to a Christian on the spot. Why hasn’t he been arrested? In any other setting, what he did was felonious assault and he is bragging about it on video. If a teacher did that, or even a random stranger, they would be in custody.


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  • hunter

    Just like the good old days, when Charlemagne converted the Saxons at sword point.

    Give or take.

    The guy’s not in jail because the kid’s afraid to call him out.

  • Who is this knucklehead?

  • Never mind. Pastor Eric Dammann of Bible Baptist Church in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

  • U Frood

    Did the conversion stick once the kid escaped the building? Or did he just “convert” in order to get the pastor to leave him alone.

  • grumpyoldfart

    I don’t believe it ever happened. Christians are famous for telling lies for Jesus.

  • Artor

    I hope the kid comes forward, or someone can identify him. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the pastor is full of shit. Likely, even.

  • dingojack

    If I seriously assault this fool, will he convert to the idea of knowing the difference between adverbs and adjectives?!?



  • Alverant

    It sounded more like a fantasy he had. I wonder what the reaction would be if muslim leader told the same story.

    #4 If the kid “converted” to escape the beating he would probably be too scared to come forward. Christian privilege and all.

  • Matt 21:4 ~ And He did come down out from the garden,

    And outside there He did see a teen who was not taking the lord serious,

    And pouncing up the teen, and punching, He did say

    “Take that! And that! And that!”.

  • John Pieret

    Why hasn’t he been arrested?

    At a guess, the kid was a minor and the parents (probably god-besotted themselves if they turned their kid over to this bully) didn’t want to press charges and/or thought their kid deserved it (hard as that may be to believe).

    On the good side, this guy is now famous (there are tons of stories on the web about this) but I doubt he will find it to be the kind of fame he wanted.

  • @John Pieret

    Nope. He will revel in that kind of fame. “Look, I’m being persecuted for my faith!” When your entire cult is based on martyrdom, every little bit of it just reinforces the faith.

  • Taz

    He was a bright kid, which didn’t help things. Made him more dangerous.

    Thanks for your honesty, pastor.

  • The reason is that currently the own witness identified is the Pastor, and his credibility is suspect. So it’s a case of he-said-but-he-is-full-of-shit.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    And that teenage boy was…. Albert Einstein!

  • timberwoof
  • caseloweraz

    Ed: …punching him because he wasn’t “taking the lord serious”…

    He meant “Lord Sidious”. Obviously, this pastor found Ben’s lack of faith disturbing.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    True or not, ithis thug’s story certainly gives the banner behind him, “He who believes in me will live,” a more ominous meaning.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    Edit: …this thug’s…

  • anachronistes

    PFJ, man…

    Punching for Jesus!

    That the pastor doesn’t seem to have considered for a second the consequences of his assault , or that what he did was assault, is disturbing.

  • moarscienceplz

    “Yes, Jesus loves me – OW!”

    “Yes, Jesus loves me – UNGH!”

    “Yes, Jesus loves me – CRUNCH!”

    “Your right hook tells me so.”

  • Whether this actually happened or not, I think the pastor is revealing what he’d like to do to children who are smart enough to see through him.

  • DaveL

    He wasn’t arrested because it never happened and he was just making it all up. You know, like that whole “virgin birth” and “resurrection” thing.

  • LightningRose

    Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

    Psalm 137

    The helluva it is, that’s not even out of context.

  • magistramarla

    As John Pieret pointed out, the teen’s parents are very likely supportive of what this guy did. The boy may well be biding his time until he is old enough to leave their household and then, if he is smart enough to think for himself, the religious goon will have made another Atheist.

    I saw it all the time when I was teaching. Teens were often playing along and pretending to be devoutly religious or straight until they could graduate from high school and move out of their parents’ home.

  • iknklast

    magistramaria – I know all about that. I played along to get along. I am still closeted to my family, because they are dangerous. Almost everyone else knows.

  • cottonnero

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid was already an atheist before the assault.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Yup. I considered my first 18 years of life as “doing time”. When I graduated from high school I was gone. Glorious freedom! Of course, I had to start nearly my entire adolescence at that point, because I hadn’t been allowed to make any decisions to speak of until then.


    Thank goodness for books, rock and roll, and jazz – and school. I was attending school during the Sputnik panic and the Fundies were less worried about kids learning real science than they were about the godless Commies learning more.

  • DonDueed

    “Thank you Jesus, may I have another?”

  • weatherwax

    #5 grumpyoldfart: “I don’t believe it ever happened. Christians are famous for telling lies for Jesus.”

    That never happens. They might tell a parable or two, but never lies..

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    The story makes more sense when you realize that the kid owed Jesus money.

  • anubisprime

    Probably bullshite…but who knows what these psychos are capable of?

    But it does sound as though he is just swinging a flaccid dick for jeebus in front of a camera, and setting a certain tone to his congregation as a bonus.

    More a sinister veiled threat of pastoral wrath and enforced guidance to wayward souls under his pastoral fiefdom then heart lifting pink and fluffy spurious and irrational revelation of the glory of god.

    A typical xtian attempt at innuendo and threat using a nice little self invented anecdote, that and nothing more it could be hazarded…and after all these bunnies are not over gifted in the smarts department but even they would be aware that assault is a criminal offense, but not if there was no corroboration and even better no victim…but as a story to relate a priceless reminder to the young ‘uns not to get uppity and challenge his version of the world under threat of a fist at a minimum.

  • U Frood

    Without a victim coming forward, probably nothing legally that can be done. But I wonder if the church hierarchy might be interested in examining this. Not sure how much control the Baptist Church as a whole exerts over individual pastors and congregations.

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    I would love for a police officer to show up and start questioning this guy.

    2 minutes, tops, before he admits it was all a story he made up.