The 2nd Amendment Applies Only to White People?

The 2nd Amendment Applies Only to White People? January 12, 2015

For years — since Obama took office, not coincidentally — we’ve heard from the (white) right wing constantly about the need for (white) people to walk around in public, individually and in groups, while heavily armed to take a bold stand for the 2nd Amendment. Now that a group of black people are doing the same thing, that prospect is suddenly seen as ominous and disturbing.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club (really? You couldn’t even use H. Rap Brown or Stokely Carmichael as a namesake?) has been conducting armed drills in Dallas for some time now.

The club was founded by Charles Goodson, described as a “31-year-old dreadlocked vegan,” and Darren X, who is the national field marshal for the New Black Panther Party…

“We accept all oppressed people of color with weapons,” Darren X told Vice. “The complete agenda involves going into our communities and educating our people on federal, state and local gun laws. We want to stop fratricide, genocide — all the ‘cides.”…

Given its frontier reputation, Texas is surprisingly one of the few states that doesn’t allow concealed carry. However, it does allow the open carry of firearms, which the group uses to an alarming effect.

Funny, I don’t remember the Conservative Tribune calling it “alarming” when a group of armed white people started patrolling Houston neighborhoods last summer. In fact, I’m quite sure they applauded it and loved the idea. But apparently the 2nd Amendment only applies to white people. When groups of white people armed with AK-47s and AF-15s hang around in parking lots, patrol neighborhoods or gather inside a business, that’s their God-given right. When blacks do it, that’s “alarming” and something must be done.

This is nothing new, of course. Gun control laws were pushed through after the Civil War to prevent former slaves from owning guns that they might be inclined to use against their former owners. And in the 1960s, the NRA and conservative hero St. Ronald the Magnificent were in favor of gun control when black civil rights activists started buying guns to protect themselves against the police.

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  • Now that a group of black people are doing the same thing

    Wait, I thought the Black Panthers were in the 60’s!!!?!?!?!

    (There weren’t any laws controlling carrying guns until the Black Panthers started policing LAPD and then suddenly carry was restricted.)

  • “I used to salute the f****** flag! / Now I use it for a rag!”

    They shouldn’t do that. Dick Cheney already wiped his ass on it, and it’s not sanitary.

  • eric

    We accept all oppressed people of color with weapons

    What about the non-oppressed people of color? Do you use an oppresometer to do your selection?

    Of course I’m on their side on the main issue, I just found this particular turn of phrase a bit overdone.

  • busterggi

    Constitutionally people of color can only carry 3/5ths of a firearm.

    Right on Marcus!

  • Larry Kearney

    No one could have ever predicted this kind of reaction.

  • erichoug

    Uh, just to make a correction, Texas does allow CC but, I believe, still does not allow open carry of handguns.

  • grumpyoldfart

    It’s a funny old country.

  • jaybee

    I still don’t understand how Texas legislators will, with complete conviction and sincerity, say that more guns means a safer, more civil society, yet guns are not allowed in the Capital building. At some level the must really understand that if everyone has guns the world isn’t safer … it just requires everyone to be on alert at all times.


  • sharonb

    Hey Modus! Colbert is moving to a new job; that naturally leaves an opening. Just sayin.

  • Anne Fenwick

    Apparently nothing is better from bringing guns under control in the US than black people carrying weapons. So although that’s seriously screwed up and they’re unfortunately just as likely to shoot themselves/each other by accident as the next gun-toting idiot, I have to support them. Means to an end and all that.

  • sharonb “Hey Modus! Colbert is moving to a new job; that naturally leaves an opening. Just sayin.”

    Thanks, but no. Comedy Central? I couldn’t take the pay cut. Plus, I’ve still got nine years to go on my sentence. It was five, but during chow a guy called me Marco, and instead of shouting “Polo” back I got stabby. The oddest little things set me off. Prison’s a funny place. I’m writing a sitcom about it. After one the Screws read the pilot, they loved it so much that I get extra meetings with the prison shrink now!

  • Alverant

    I recently saw a FB post (or some other message board) where they had two screenshots of stories of the same conservative news site showing basically the same thing, a bunch of people with rifles patrolling their neighborhood. Except one group was white the other was black. The picture had enough resolution that you could read the headlines of the two stories. The white group had more positive words (and a better quality photo) than the black group. I can’t find it now, but I wish I saved it.

  • What’s next? People in Afghanistan patrolling their neighborhoods with AK-47s and not getting their asses blown up for it?

  • moarscienceplz

    I’m all for making white gun-fondlers uncomfortable, and shining a spotlight on their hypocrisy, but I have a sick feeling I’m going to soon be reading about a shootout that will make the OK Corral look like a pillow fight.

  • You think they’re upset now? Wait until they see about a dozen Muslims holding semi-automatic rifles outside a mosque in the U.S.

  • sytec

    erichoug #6 is correct: Here in Texas there is concealed carry, and open carry of long guns, but no open carry of hand guns. Last year a bunch of those snapper-headed gun fondlers were at an Arby’s with their rifles and shotguns (they were going around various places in DFW to show they could I guess). A bunch of armed rednecks are equally as scary as a bunch of armed black guys to me… Decided I wasn’t really that hungry.

  • Thinking about this story made me think of the Japanese interment in WW2. Funny how the supposed deterrent effect of firearms against government tyranny didn’t keep any of those people out of US internment camps. And you know the people most likely to believe that idea now would have been perfectly happy to have helped round up their Japanese American neighbours, or would help round up their Muslim neighbours now if asked to.

  • sumdum

    While it is fun to imagine right winger heads explode, it becomes less so when you think of the more likely deadly results.