Fischer: Paris Massacre May Have Been God’s Punishment

Fischer: Paris Massacre May Have Been God’s Punishment January 13, 2015

Bryan Fischer joins Bill Donohue and other Christian totalitarians in suggesting that the staff at Charlie Hebdo who were murdered had it coming because they were being blasphemous. In fact, he goes even further in suggesting that perhaps God sent those Muslim terrorists to punish them for taking his name in vain.

Given that the magazine, in addition to mocking Islam and Muhammad, also had a long record of running satirical articles and cartoons about Christianity and Jesus, Fischer raised the possibility that this attack was punishment for the magazine’s repeated violation of the commandment that “you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”

“They made a career out of taking the name of God, the God of the Bible, the father of the Lord Jesus,” said Fischer, who has made the case in the past that instituting anti-blasphemy laws in America was entirely feasible.

Noting that Exodus 20 states that “the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain,” Fischer theorized that just as God regularly sent “idolators” to attack Israel as a “rod of correction” in order to “discipline his own people” for their transgressions, so too had God used these radical Muslim attackers as retribution for against Charlie Hebdo for its anti-Christian blasphemy.

Fischer regularly claims that Muslims should be thrown out of the United States, but how exactly does he differ from those reactionary Muslim terrorists in this regard? He believes the exact same thing those terrorists believe, that they can and should murder those who commit blasphemy, in the name of God.

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