Reconstructionist Supports Blasphemy Laws

Reconstructionist Supports Blasphemy Laws January 13, 2015

Joel McDurmon is a Christian Reconstructionist. That means he supports making the Mosaic law from the Old Testament the civil and criminal law of the United States (and every country). Christian Sharia law, in other words. And of course, he supports punishing those who engage in “blasphemy.”

When man sets a higher legal standard for speech against man than he does for speech against God, He explicitly rejects God as King and sets himself in the place of God. Legalized blasphemy represents treason to God. It also represents treason to any country founded upon that God…

Atheists and humanists begin with man and wish to derive “hate speech” from that standard. This devolves into a state where individuals, culture, law, and art can curse and mock all religion, virtue, sexuality, and all transcendent standards, and seek legal protection for such acts. Thus, homosexuality, for example, which incarnates a gross perversion of the sex act—indeed the ultimate mockery of it—seeks legal protection from even criticism. Even to decry homosexuality as a perversion is to practice “hate speech” according to such a worldview, and in some so-called liberal democracies that boast of so-called “free speech,” a preacher who even reads the Bible’s condemnation of homosexual perversion publicly can find himself in jail.

Mankind, you see, cannot escape “blasphemy” laws: the question is of who determines what constitutes blasphemy.

Meanwhile, to highlight a degenerate society’s social hypocrisy, the standard interpersonal curses themselves pertain to sexuality: listen to any rap radio station and you will drown in a deluge of racial slurs interspersed with epithets of maternal incest, while any given foul-mouth on the street finds his readiest curse in willing a forcible sex act upon his annoyer: “f— you.” Humanism wishes legally to protect its perversions while in practice admitting them to be perverse, employing them as curses.

When society displays such characteristics, it reveals the depth of its rebellion against the Creator. The proper way to protect name, reputation, and human rights in general, is not to profane God and exalt man, but just the opposite. Unless men first revere God and honor an ultimate allegiance to the divine origin of mankind, and protect these beliefs by legal consequence, they shall denigrate everything glorious that man can be, and then protect their perversions and obscenity by recourse to legal force (as we have begun to see now).

Gotta love the generalizations. I’m an atheist and a humanist and I staunchly oppose hate speech laws. But he quotes an unnamed audience member from a debate in South Africa who advocated hate speech laws, so now all atheists and humanists must support them. As for the rest, this is simply Christian fascism.

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