Shirvell Denied Unemployment Benefits

Shirvell Denied Unemployment Benefits January 13, 2015

The adventures of courageous bigot Andrew Shirvell continue. The graduate of Ave Maria Law School just can’t seem to win an actual court case. You may recall this was the guy who relentlessly harassed a Univ. of Michigan student leader because he’s gay, got fired from the office of the Attorney General in Michigan and then lost a $4.5 million lawsuit over it. Now the courts have denied him unemployment benefits too.

Andrew Shirvell was fired from his role as assistant to Michigan Attorney-General Mike Cox in 2010 after calling gay university graduate Chris Armstrong “a radical homosexual activist, racist, elitist and liar”.

He has now been barred from receiving any unemployment benefits in a 3-0 decision, handed down on January 10.

The court weighed the public interest against Shirvell’s private interests and found that his anti-gay rhetoric clashed horribly with the anti-cyber bullying campaign being pursued by the Attorney-General’s office at the time.

“It was reasonable for the department to conclude in its termination letter that Shirvell’s conduct … had the potential to damage the public’s perception [of the department].

“Shirvell’s conduct reasonably could have created the impression that neither he nor the department enforced the law in a fair, even-handed manner without bias,” the court judgment read.

Funny thing is that the guy who fired him is just as much of a bigot as he is, but he’s also a politician and knew to cut his losses — especially since it only required him to lose an untalented junior-grade attorney in the department.

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  • Abby Normal

    I wonder if Shirvell’s next step will be to sue Ave Maria Law School for making false claims that it prepares students for a career in law.

  • The guy seems to be more than a little mentally ill; I wish someone would get him the help he needs.

  • beezlebubby

    This is the best news of the last couple of days. Unhinged bigots have a right to be unhinged bigots, but not the right to be treated deferentially under the law. Suck it, Shirvell. And pay up on that $4.5M lawsuit. I doubt he’s even bothering with the introspection to consider whether or not it was worth it to mercilessly harass a college student. I’d wager a significant sum that he feels that he is the victim.

  • Alverant

    Of course he feels like the victim. People disagreed with him. To a conservative christian that means he’s the victim of persecution. The case is pretty straight forward. If you steal from your employer and get fired because of it, you don’t get benefits. Shirvell stole from his employers in the form of money, resources, and reputation for his own personal crusade so he shouldn’t get benefits either.

  • daemonios

    @aaronbaker, #2

    I don’t really see what signs of mental illness you see there. Many people will double down on their erroneous statements/actions, to the point of going to court to defend the indefensible. It seems a bit overreaching to accuse him of mental illness, since it mistakes lack of empathy/civility with said illness. Many mentally ill people would disapprove of Shirvell’s actions.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Seems as if Mat Staver and Larry Klayman might be getting some competition. At long last!

  • @aaronbaker#2

    It’s too easy to peg someone as mentally ill, and it’s a disservice to those with REAL mental illnesses. Shirvell is a twisted, obsessive bigot, nothing more. Don’t give him more credit than he’s due.

  • @daemonios #5

    Oops, you already made my point for me. Apologies for stealing any thunder.

  • Well,

    The impression (and it’s just an impression; I’m not going to die on any hill to defend it) I’ve gotten more than once from Shirvell is of a guy whose grasp on reality is so tenuous, that it makes some sense to suspect psychosis. I remember an interview with Anderson Cooper in which Cooper went very circumstantially through Shirvell’s campaign of harassment against this innocent who’d aroused his hostility–and Shirvell really did seem to me not to get that there was anything even remarkable here, let alone vicious.

    His suing Pennsylvania after his entirely appropriate firing; his seeking unemployment benefits (where, as an attorney, he could have figured out exactly why he had no right to them)–sure, you can chalk this all up to an arrogant but sane sense of entitlement–but even the most arrogantly entitled right-wing lawyer can usually figure out at least a pragmatic reason or two not to be a stalker.

    I hasten to add that whether my impression is right or completely off-base, I at no point intended to suggest that what he did wasn’t terrible.

    Anyway, I’m painfully aware I’ve been wrong before–this may be example 10,008.

  • tsig

    Can he sue himself for poor representation?

  • Of course, God is just testing Shirvell’s faith, and in the end he will become president of the United States and restore thi once great nation to God’s favor. Or something like that.