Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Bryan Fischer January 14, 2015

Yes, it’s time once again to give Bryan Fischer the award named after him, which is given to those who display a breathtaking lack of self-awareness. And here’s yet another example of his completely incoherent and contradictory position on the First Amendment. Here he is talking about the fire chief in Atlanta being fired for writing an anti-gay book:

In this process, Cochran has been stripped of every right that is cherished and protected under the First Amendment. His freedom of religion, gone. His freedom of speech, gone. His freedom of the press, gone. His freedom of association, gone. When I say that homosexuality is the enemy of freedom, the First Amendment, and virtually the entire Constitution, this is what I’m talking about…

Cochran is considering legal action, as well he should. Either the First Amendment means what it says, in which case Cochran has an unassailable legal argument, or the Constitution doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s about time we found out the answer to that question.

And here he is boldly declaring that the First Amendment can’t possibly be violated by anyone but Congress:

First, the amendment applies only to Congress. “Congress shall make no law…” No other entity is restrained by the First Amendment. Since the amendment applies only to Congress, it is legally, historically and constitutionally impossible for a state, a county commission, a city council, a school board, a school principal, a school teacher or a student to violate the First Amendment. This is for one simple reason: none of them is Congress. Violating the First Amendment is something only Congress can do.

So let’s review. When the First Amendment is used to defend the rights of non-Christians, that is an outrageous violation of the Constitution and it’s absolutely absurd to believe that the First Amendment could possibly apply to a state or local government. When he thinks a Christian’s rights have been violated, that’s an “unassailable legal argument” and failing to apply the First Amendment amounts to shitting on the Constitution. Congratulations, Bryan Fischer, you won your own award!

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