Donohue Again Blames Murder Victims Who Offend the Religious

Donohue Again Blames Murder Victims Who Offend the Religious January 14, 2015

Bill Donohue may have been hammered even by many of his fellow right-wing Catholics for blaming the cartoonists and writers from Charlie Hebdo, but he’s not backing down a bit. In fact, he says that if a Catholic like, say, him, were to kill the artist who made the sculpture Piss Christ, it would be his own fault.

“I don’t mind Mel Brooks. I don’t mind edginess. I don’t even mind irreverence,” Donohue insisted. “I do have a problem with toilet speech.”

Artists must stop producing “filth,” he declared, saying that while he would be opposed to someone killing Serrano for his “Piss Christ” image, it would be Serrano’s own fault were that to happen.

“Had he exercised restraint, he wouldn’t be dead,” Donohue asserted.

So would that “logic” apply if someone who is offended by Christian totalitarianism killed Donohue for advocating it?


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