LV Cop Won’t Be Fired for Violent, Racist Rhetoric

LV Cop Won’t Be Fired for Violent, Racist Rhetoric January 14, 2015

Here’s some completely unsurprising news: A Las Vegas police detective will not be fired even after repeatedly posting violent, racist things on his Facebook page enthusiastically preparing for a “race war” and a revolution. It was so bad that the Secret Service considers the guy a threat, but he’ll keep his job anyway.

Some of Detective Bobby Kinch’s co-workers reportedly brought the December 2013 Facebook posts to the attention of superiors. Kinch told the Sun that he was the victim of department politics. He was recently allowed to go back on duty following an extended suspension and internal investigation.

“Let’s just get this over!” Kinch wrote in one post. “Race war, Civil, Revolution? Bring it! I’m about as fed up as a man (American, Christian, White, Heterosexual) can get!”

At least one colleague later compared Kinch’s statements to the kind of posts made by Jerad and Amanda Miller before they shot and killed two LVPD officers in June 2014.

“It’s obviously coming to a boiling point! I say ‘F*CK IT’!” Kinch stated in another angry post. “I’m ready now! Sooner or later, I would say sooner than later! Thought I could make a difference, thought it would get better! See the morale fabric of this Country get so trampled I wanna call it! GAME ON! I think we need a cleansing! Just me? What say you?”…

Deputy Chief Gary Schofield, former head of the department’s internal affairs division, alerted the Secret Service the following month regarding his online activity, allegedly saying that “a highly-trained officer in Las Vegas with access to weapons could be a threat to the president.”

But former Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie stepped in less than an hour before federal officials raided Kinch’s home.

“It was about to be a disaster,” one police official told the Sun. “We had 30 minutes until doors were being kicked in.”…

Investigators looking into Kinch’s case also received a photo, taken by an unidentified union official, of Kinch pointing a handgun at a collectible plate with President Barack Obama’s face on it. The plate was reportedly a gag gift from fellow officers.

Exactly the kind of person who should not be allowed anywhere near power. Or a gun, for that matter.

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