Monckton Lies While Accusing ‘Left’ of Lying

Monckton Lies While Accusing ‘Left’ of Lying January 14, 2015

“Lord” Christopher Monckton is, to put it mildly, reality-impaired. In his latest ignorant and dishonest screed at the Worldnetdaily, he says that legal abortion will allow Muslims to take over the United States and the world. Oh, and he lies through his teeth while accusing “the left” of lying.

Here, as in so many other fields, the left will simply lie because the lie is politically advantageous to it. President Hollande knows that there are at least 9 million Muslims in France. They are arriving at such a rapid rate that no one knows for sure just how many there are. But there are a lot. And very, very nearly all of them vote socialist. Totalitarians will always stand by other totalitarians.

But here’s the problem – for France and for many other European nations. We are killing so many of our own citizens by abortion that the Muslims, who are morally superior to us in that they do not believe in killing unborn children, will soon outnumber us.

How soon? Very soon. In Russia, Muslims already account for more than half the population.

And by “more than half the population” he means less than 12% of the population, projected to rise to about 14% in 2030.

Western politicians, including Mr. Obama, should now be openly calling upon moderate Muslim leaders everywhere to be trenchant in their denunciation of the acts of Islamic violence and murder that are now routine. For if there is one thing we should all have learned from the 20th century – the century of totalitarianism – it is that remaining culpably silent when one could and should have spoken out will always be taken by extremists as a sign of weakness.

You mean like the dozens and dozens of staunch condemnations that were issued within hours of the Charlie Hebdo attack? Is that not enough for you? Of course, he probably rounded that down to one or two, like he rounded the percentage of Muslims in Russia up by 500%. It’s wingnut math.

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