WND Names Bachmann Legislator of the Year

WND Names Bachmann Legislator of the Year January 14, 2015

It’s awards season, time for red carpets, papparazi, and overly long acceptance speeches. The Worldnetdaily has given away its very prestigious Legislator of the Year award for 2014 and the winner is: Michele Bachmann. They like her, they really like her!

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has been a prolific conservative legislator despite strong resistance from establishment Republicans, including leaders of her own party, and despite the considerable challenge of passing legislation without cooperation from an obstructionist Senate controlled by Democrats.

And, despite an outgoing personality and political boldness demonstrated by her willingness to go in front of the cameras to champion the causes in which she believed, over the years WND has found Bachmann to be a genuinely humble and modest public servant who has shied from public praise and honors.

That was evidenced when, informed she had been awarded WND’s “2014 Lawmaker of the Year,” Bachmann simply replied, “What an honor!”

I know, right? What an honor! Who wouldn’t want to win an award from the He-Man Reality Haters Club? I do have to wonder, though, what they mean by her being “prolific.” She certainly didn’t accomplish much in the House other than getting on TV a lot. In 8 years, she introduced a total of 58 bills and passed exactly one (one of the dozens of pointless bills to repeal Obamacare in the House, none of which had a prayer of passing the Senate). So I can only guess that “prolific” really just means that she talked a lot.

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  • raven

    Michelle Bachmann is the poster person for Fundie Xian Induced Cognitive Impairment.

    She wasn’t always dumb. Three degrees, one in law, passed the bar.

    This is a real syndrome, explainable with known mechanisms. Confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, committment bias and the Theory of Limited Cognitive Resourses. It’s known that “high cognitive loads impair cognitive capacity” (source a Science article).

  • kantalope

    Conservatives believe that government can’t do anything….Bachman didn’t do anything while in government …therefore she is a great example of conservative governing.

  • Loqi

    …shied from public praise and honors.

    In the same way I’ve “shied from” Oscars, Grammys, and Nobel Prizes.

  • dmcclean

    They meant prolifeic.

  • scienceavenger

    Other awards by WND:

    NFL MVP: Sam Bradford

    Author of the Year: Maya Angelou

    Peace Prize: Vladamir Putin

    Freedom and Openness Prize: Kim Jung Un

    Nostradamus Award: Dick “Greeted as liberators” Cheney.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Texas judges: Louie Gohmert is legislator of the year

    I think i found this link in comments to one of your other threads. Can’t find it now, but hat tip to whoever posted it.

  • lorn

    My first reaction: Sure … Bachmann is legislator of the year … on planet Dumb-Ass.

    But then my rational/cynical side chimes in and notes that Bachmann has bee very successful at the task she was given by the right-wing political strategists. She is very successful breaking trail and introducing the American public to seemingly ludicrous ideas and connections that become accepted-as-fact talking points on right-wing media and, in time, speeches and legislative agendas. She has been very good for a very long time at surfacing these points while avoiding blow-back and being unseated. She has served the cause of conservatism very well.

    Unfortunately I suspect that, as other female right-wing political operatives have found, such as Cathrine Harris in Florida who played a vital role in throwing the election in 2000, she will find that she will soon be abandoned by the party she served so well.


    The GOP, and conservatives in general, tend to reflexively discount the efforts made by women and repay their sacrifices with neglect.

  • howardhershey

    They misspelled ‘prolix’.

  • dingojack

    howardhershey – or could it been ‘bollix’?

    😉 Dingo