Another Teacher Using the Classroom to Proselytize

Another Teacher Using the Classroom to Proselytize January 15, 2015

A teacher in Stockton, California is being accused of using the classroom to proselytize by promoting the after-school Bible club he sponsors, handing out “Bible cookies” as rewards to students and giving extra credit for writing out Bible verses. Naturally, the commenters at The Blaze are outraged.

John Alameda, a teacher at New Vision High School in Stockton, California, is being accused of “unlawful proselytization,” according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a First Amendment group, KTXL-TV reported

The teacher was accused in a December 29 letter of not only handing out so-called “Bible Cookies,” but of also offering extra credit for copying Bible verses.

“We have received a complaint that New Vision High School teacher John Alameda is using his official position to promote an after-school Bible club. We understand that Mr. Alameda not only sponsors the club but also shares his Christian beliefs during school hours and frequently encourages his students to attend the club’s meetings,” John McGinnis, a legal fellow for Americans United, wrote to the Manteca Unified School District. “Furthermore, he offers extra credit for copying Bible verses and gives students ‘Bible Cookies’ as a reward for completing class assignments.”

Alameda has not publicly commented, though Manteca Unified School District deputy superintendent Clark Burke issued a statement on the matter.

“The Manteca Unified School District is currently conducting an investigation into the complaint filed by the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State,” Burke wrote. “While respecting the diversity and beliefs of our community, the Manteca Unified School District is dedicated to ensure the separation of Church and State as prescribed by law.”

The comments are exactly what one would expect:

Ten two one says that if the muslims want to hand out items to promote Islam they will be allowed…

Quran cookies would of been ok and the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is probably run by muslims. I have no proof of that accusation, but who here would be surprised?

Actually, it’s run by a United Church of Christ minister. And they have it exactly backwards, of course. If a teacher did all this to proselytize Islam, Americans United and every other advocate of church/state separation would take the exact same position. But the Christians who are now screaming “FREE SPEECH” would be demanding that teacher’s head on a platter. Because, as always, when they say “religious freedom” they only mean Christian privilege.

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