Beck’s Position on Russia and The Gay Still Hopelessly Confused

Beck’s Position on Russia and The Gay Still Hopelessly Confused January 15, 2015

It’s not unusual for people to take contradictory positions and not recognize the dissonance between them, but Glenn Beck seems to elevate this sort of thing to an art form. Take gay rights, for example. On the one hand, he doesn’t seem to be particularly anti-gay himself. On the other hand, he continually praises those who are. Here is perhaps his most pro-gay (or anti-anti-gay, at least) statement yet:

Interestingly, Beck warned Religious Right activists in America not to buy into Putin’s scheme, specifically calling out the World Congress of Families for building a “disturbing partnership” with Christian leaders in Russia who have close ties to Putin.

While WCF “seems to be a good group,” Beck warned, they also appear “to have bought Russia’s salesmanship that they are the new global champion of Christianity. I warn you, be careful.”

Also interestingly, on his radio show yesterday, Beck again spoke out against the increasing persecution of gays in Russia, warning that there is a growing threat of “heterofascism” emerging in the country.”

But remember, this is the same guy who said a year ago, “I don’t know anybody who is anti-gay, at least not any of my friends.” He said this while wearing a hat honoring his dear friend Ken Hutcherson, the virulently anti-gay preacher, who had just died. Hutcherson advocated for gay people to be locked up and explicitly advocated a ban on “promotion” of homosexuality — the same law that Beck now calls “hetero-fascism.” He also brings people on his show constantly and praises to no end anti-gay bigots like David Barton, Daniel Lapin and others.

He’s spoken at a fundraiser for Scott Lively, whose anti-gay bigotry hits depths of derangement that one could scarcely imagine and who said of the very Russian laws that Beck now calls “heterofascism” that they are “one of the proudest achievements of my career.” Yes, Lively was one of the many American Christians who traveled to Russia to advocate those very laws.

See Glenn, you can’t claim that you don’t have any friends who are anti-gay while simultaneously praising and giving a platform to lots of people who advocate the very law that you’re criticizing as anti-gay.

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  • Jesper Both Pedersen

    Ed Brayton. I sentence you to Hell.

  • colnago80

    The Beck is on record as stating that he isn’t much excited about same sex marriage.

  • colnago80

    Putz Pedersen is asking to get the heave ho.

  • some bastard on the internet

    Jesper Pedersen, I sentence you to eat at McDonalds.

    I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have escalated that. Nobody deserves that!

  • some bastard: it’s possible that Jesper’s obvious derangement is partly a result of having already done what you “sentenced” him to do. John Hinckley and Ted White were on some pretty shitty diets too, in the days leading up to their respective infamous acts.

  • Putz Pedersen is asking to get the heave ho.

    So why isn’t he getting it? Is he not asking politely enough, or is he asking too politely? Fucking commenting rules, how do they even work?

  • toska

    Years ago I heard a clip of Glenn Beck’s radio show, and a woman called in who said she was a lesbian but also held conservative view points on a lot of issues. She went on to say she felt unwelcome in the republican party and tea party because of how anti-gay they tend to be. I was shocked out how nice and seemingly supportive he was to her (not that he was impressively open minded or anything. I just expected awfulness). He advised her to look into libertarian groups because they are usually a bit more welcoming to LGBT folks.

    He seems very confused, indeed. I don’t think he even knows how he feels about homosexuality and LGBT rights. But he’s also a bigot in nearly every way, so I don’t much care to understand his views. He’s just an extremely weird bigot.

  • sinned34

    Ed Brayton, I sentence you to Sovngarde. (Hey, it’s just as real as Hell.)

  • colnago80

    Re #4

    Actually, the breakfasts served at McDonalds ain’t bad.

  • Artor

    Ed. I sentence you to a week in Baja!

    Colnago80, that may be the worst thing you’ve ever said here. Are you trying to get banned too?