I Think Bryan Fischer May Be On the Pot

I Think Bryan Fischer May Be On the Pot January 15, 2015

I have a serious question: Is Bryan Fischer injecting the pot? Because he’s usually blessed with an incredible lack of self-awareness, but now he’s managed to take his own cognitive dissonance to world record levels. Only days after saying that the people at Charlie Hebdo had it coming for blaspheming God, he’s now claiming that Obama is blaming them too.

Somehow that sent Fischer off on a tangent in which he declared that because a White House spokesman once said that Charlie Hebdo had the “right” to publish a cartoon mocking Islam and Muhammad but that it might not be good “judgment,” President Obama was “essentially saying we think capital punishment is the appropriate punishment for blasphemy.”

“This is, in essence, President Obama’s words: ‘They really, in essence, have nobody to blame but themselves,'” Fischer ridiculously declared.

I think perhaps Bryan Fischer has now reached peak Bryan Fischer.


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