Jones, Monckton: ‘They’ Want to Kill 6 Billion People

Jones, Monckton: ‘They’ Want to Kill 6 Billion People January 15, 2015

“Lord” Christopher Monckton went on the air with Alex Jones the other day and you just know that combination is going to spout some seriously bizarre claims. They agreed that They — meaning everyone they hate, from environmentalists to Muslims — are going to kill more than 6 billion people.

Monckton connected the dots between the two issues, alleging that radical Islamists, socialists and environmentalists are all coming together to kill billions of people in order to achieve the United Nations/Ted Turner objective of reducing the world’s population.

“What they want to do is reduce the population not by one billion but to one billion,” he said. “It’s now 7.2 billion, they want to cut the population by 6.2 billion…. It’s a conspiracy.”

“They are ganging up together, the totalitarians, Islam and socialism and environmentalism, worldwide, getting into bed together to destroy as many of the world’s population as they can,” he added.

Funny, I thought the purpose of environmentalism was to save lives by reducing pollution.


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