Legislators Want Bible to be State Book of Mississippi

Legislators Want Bible to be State Book of Mississippi January 15, 2015

A pair of state legislators, one Democrat and one Republican, are submitting a bill to make the Bible the official state book of Mississippi. Because it’s a good book of morals, dontchaknow, as long as you ignore all the incest and polygamy and genocide and all that.

Rep. Tom Miles of Forest says he and fellow Democratic Rep. Michael Evans of Preston are filing a bill, and they’ve already received bipartisan promises of support from more than 20 of their colleagues.

Miles says Mississippi has a state bird, a state flower and even a state toy, so it should have a state book.

He tells The Associated Press on Monday that he’s not trying to force religion – or even reading – on anyone, but he sees the Bible as a good guide for promoting kindness and compassion.

But the comments on the article absolutely crack me up:

I enjoy the idea you have but the Bible is God’s book and it is not fair to use it as your state book when it is read by millions in other states too. I read it and have read the Bible five times in the past five years. So I TOTALLY OBJECT to the fact that the state of MS. use it as there Bible because we all can name it our book also. You have no right to do this to other states also. I pity you for mking this suggestion also since it belongs to every state to use but is still God’s Bible.

And another:

Not fair to other states. Besides, the Bible is God’s book to mankind not just Mississippi. TOTALLY OBJECT !!!

Okay, that’s just funny. And wouldn’t you think the state book of Mississippi should be a book about that state? The obvious ones that come to mind are from William Faulkner, their native son. As I Lay Dying or Absolom, Absolom! come to mind. Or maybe Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, which is set in that state as well.

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