March for Life Opposes Contraception

March for Life Opposes Contraception January 15, 2015

The March for Life Education and Defense Fund, which organizes the annual March for Life, has removed the mask and revealed their real goal, which is to get rid of contraception. This is something I’ve been arguing for many years, that the real target is not abortion but birth control itself.

Each year on January 22—the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade—the March for Life draws thousands of protesters to Washington, DC, for what organizers bill as “world’s largest anti-abortion event.” But this year, there’s an added wrinkle: Organizers of the march have spent the past six months arguing that birth control pills are a form of abortion.

March for Life Education and Defense Fund, the nonprofit that organizes the annual protest, identified oral birth control as a form of abortion in a lawsuit filed in July. With the suit, which is ongoing, March for Life is fighting for an exemption from the Affordable Care Act mandate that all private employers provide contraception coverage.

March for Life argues that covering drugs or medical devices that cause abortions would violate its founding principles. And it places hormonal birth control, which includes things like oral contraception and vaginal rings, squarely within that category. In its lawsuit, the group refers to these as “abortifacients,” a characterization with which most physicians strongly disagree.

Polls consistently find that a majority of Americans who oppose abortion have no moral objections to birth control. Most of those planning to attend the march probably have no idea that March for Life views birth control as immoral: March for Life doesn’t advertise its opinions on birth control in its promotional material for the protest, and the group’s website simply bills the march as a mass demonstration against “legalized abortion on demand.”

As I’ve said many times, if the “pro-life” people actually wanted to reduce abortions, they would support the universal availability of birth control. But they don’t, because abortion isn’t what they really want to eliminate. What they really oppose is women having control of their reproduction, not to mention their sexuality.

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