Video Shows Police Brutality in Michigan

Video Shows Police Brutality in Michigan January 15, 2015

Another day, another video of police officers beating and kicking a man who was handcuffed and on the ground with an officer sitting on top of him. This time it’s here in Michigan and the officers are from Grosse Pointe Park, a suburb of Detroit. Here’s the video:

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The Detroit News reports on it:

At about the 23-second mark of the 9-minute-and-30-second video, one officer swings at the man seven times while the other officer delivers two kicks.

“Give me your arm,” one officer orders before apparently handcuffing the man. The officer then rears back and delivers another blow.

At one point, the suspect calls upon Jesus, which seems to upset one of the officers.

“What did you say?” asked the officer, who kneels on the suspect’s back and apparently cuffs him on the back of his head.

“Jesus? You’re calling Jesus? You (expletive)! Don’t you dare. Don’t you (expletive) dare!” the officer says.

The physical response by the officers is over by the 1-minute mark of the video, after which two officers can be seen giving each other a fist bump. After appearing motionless on the ground, the suspect is eventually stood up and searched. The officers found a pistol.

“That’s a justified (expletive) whipping,” a female officer says.

Unsurprisingly, the police chief is defending the officers:

The Grosse Pointe Park police chief on Tuesday defended officers from a multijurisdictional task force captured on video hitting and kicking a man suspected of carjacking a woman and her daughter at gunpoint before leading police on a quarter-mile foot chase…

Hiller said the incident occurred at 11 a.m. Monday near Evergreen and McNichols on Detroit’s northwest side after police were alerted to the suspect’s whereabouts by a tracking device.

“We’re looking at it, and we believe the officers actions were proper,” Hiller said. “In effecting the arrest, they had to kick to get his arms free because he was going for his gun, which was in his waistband.

“This subject was a parole absconder wanted for an armed robbery in Detroit. He was armed with a handgun,” Hiller said.

Yes, he did have a gun. But he was on the ground face down with an officer on top of him and they were handcuffing him. Their job is to subdue a suspect and arrest him, not to beat and kick him and go on religious rants while they do so.

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