Kirk Cameron Wants to Keep You Awake

Kirk Cameron Wants to Keep You Awake January 16, 2015

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas movie was such a bomb that he wants you to stay awake so you can watch it many more times by selling you coffee. He’s selling a “Saving Christmas Blend” of coffee that he promises will help you “make a statement to the world.” Oh, and it uses beans from the world’s largest Muslim country.

Inspired by the timeless flavors of the classic mocha java blend, our limited edition Saving Christmas Blend is a delicate balance of East African and Indonesian coffees. The subtle sweetness of the Indonesian beans is intimately paired with the robust earthiness of the African for a truly harmonious and memorable cup.

Muslim coffee beans to save Christmas. Funny!

So behold, the limited edition Saving Christmas Blend from your friend, Kirk Cameron. Whether you’re staying up late to wrap presents or waking up early to open them, singing carols to your neighbors on a cold winter night or trading stories with your family by the firelight, we guarantee our Saving Christmas Blend will fit right in.

And by savoring Saving Christmas, you’re also making a statement to the world: there is no Christmas without Christ.

Those who have tried the coffee say it tastes of desperation and lack of talent.

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