MS School Tries to Prevent GSA Club

MS School Tries to Prevent GSA Club January 16, 2015

Administrators and school board officals in the Rankin County, Mississippi public schools are so upset about a mere inquiry about the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance that they’re trying to find a way to prevent it from happening. But at least they’re being open about their motivations, which should help if the case goes to court.

Rankin County school board members approved a change in the district’s school club policy on Wednesday in an attempt to prevent students from creating what Superintendent Lynn Weathersby referred to as “gay clubs.”

Weathersby brought up the issue at Wednesday’s school board meeting, making clear his intentions to limit such organizations in Rankin County schools.

“I talked to (board attorney) Freddie (Harrell) and several administrators about what we could legally do to limit organizations like that on campus that we don’t want to endorse and don’t want,” Weathersby said.

Although school board members and officials said they were not aware of any attempt to form a club in the district, Brandon High School theatre teacher Janice Weaver said she was approached by a student in December who expressed a desire to create a gay-straight alliance (GSA), or a student-led, student-organized club aimed at combating anti-gay discrimination and bullying in schools. Weaver said the student submitted the proposal for the club to school administrators.

Thank you for admitting that any action you take will be for the purpose of preventing the formation of a club that you don’t want to “endorse.” That will be very useful if it goes to court. And hey, does that mean allowing the formation of a Christian club means the school, the school is “endorsing” the club? Because that would also trigger an Establishment Clause violation. Just another example of a school board run by idiots.

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