Pastor Gives Anti-Gay Sermon at Georgia State House

Pastor Gives Anti-Gay Sermon at Georgia State House January 16, 2015

The Georgia State House of Representatives is in the habit of inviting ministers to deliver “devotionals,” most of which, I’m sure, are bland and uninteresting. But the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention decided to use his to deliver a raging sermon demanding that the legislature deny “erotic liberty” to gay people.

The Rev. Bryant Wright, senior pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, delivered the devotional Wednesday in the state House.

In that sermon aimed at lawmakers, Wright twice equated gay marriage to “erotic liberty.” Here’s a sampling of his message:

“It is just one example of what our culture is going to increasingly see as an issue of erotic liberty versus religious liberty,” Wright said. “We’re liable to see this with our military chaplains in the years ahead if they in good conscience believe they cannot perform same-sex weddings and could be kicked out of the military.”

That looming threat, he said, is a reminder of lawmakers’ role in making sure government is “protective of its citizens against evil and is working for the common good.”

Yeah, that would be a lie. The Pentagon has an explicit policy saying that chaplains are not required to perform same-sex marriages. And this is another reason why there should be no opening prayers or devotionals at a public legislative hearing.

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