Rand Paul Picks Up Important Endorsement for President

Rand Paul Picks Up Important Endorsement for President January 16, 2015

The 2012 election was a lot of fun to watch for the endorsements. Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine endorsed Rick Santorum, Gary Busey endorsed Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney bagged Christine O’Donnell (in a manner of speaking). But Rand Paul has picked up an important endorsement for 2016:

Paul has appeared a number of times on Jones’s program and has said he relies on the “Infowars” host for information on the Bilderbergers and the “people who are promoting this globalist agenda,” so it came as no surprise when Jones endorsed him for president yesterday, citing their years of friendship.

Jones’ endorsement came after an interview with the senator’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul, who warned of an imminent economic collapse and foreign calamities.

“Rand Paul is the best,” Jones said after the interview concluded. “I trust him. I’ve known him for 19 years and he’s the guy for president.”

Jones also had an idea for the candidate Paul should pick as his running mate: Sen. Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz will make a good VP,” Jones said. “I’m telling you, Ted Cruz is getting more aggressive. That’s why, in polls, he’s now number one. In real polls, Ted Cruz has now taken the lead because he’s being aggressive and that’s what people want.”

A Rand Paul/Ted Cruz ticket would be a lot of fun, but completely incompatible. They disagree on too much to be a workable relationship. And getting the endorsement of conspiracy huckster Alex Jones doesn’t exactly help Paul’s credibility any.

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