The Christian Right’s Double Standard on Discrimination

The Christian Right’s Double Standard on Discrimination January 16, 2015

The Christian right is freaking out about the mayor of Atlanta canning a fire chief over a book he wrote urging anti-gay discrimination (and honestly, they might be right, though not for the reasons they think), but their arguments show as blatant a double standard as you can imagine. Here’s evangelist Michael Youssef:

For the sake of America’s future, please do not try to marginalize or destroy those whose only crime is following the clear commands of God. By all means, you should be free to disagree, even vehemently. In fact, I will defend your right to disagree with God’s Word.

But to terminate someone’s employment and deprive them of their livelihood? That is something worthy of ISIS. Members of ISIS may chop off the heads of Christians, but to chop off someone’s voice or identity originates from the same desire for control through cruelty.

Unless, of course, that person is gay. If that person is gay, it is absolutely outrageous and evil to protect them from discrimination. In fact, not allowing Christians to discriminate against gay people is itself discrimination against Christians. Funny how the position flips completely when you change that one little fact.

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