Bigot Wants Civil and Respectful Dialogue With People He Demonizes

Bigot Wants Civil and Respectful Dialogue With People He Demonizes January 17, 2015

Larry Tomczak is the Christian bigot who wrote an article blaming Ellen Degeneres for corrupting young girls with her “celebrations” of lesbianism, prompting her to make a hilarious response on her TV show. Now he’s written a ridiculously tone deaf open letter to her in which he demands a civil and respectful dialogue with the people he routinely demonizes.

Ellen, hasn’t the time arrived for everyone involved in this dialogue on gay-related issues to lower our voices and approach one another with respect and civility though we have our differences? I know there’s a lot of shouting and accusation and name calling on all sides of the gay debate, but how about you and I model something positive?

Actually, she did that. Here’s her video response:


But see, you don’t get to demand that other people treat you with civility and respect if you refuse to do the same to them. If you spend your time demonizing them, as you do, they certainly don’t owe you civility. If you claim that being gay is “indecent,” “shameful,” “unnatural” and a “perversion,” why should they try to engage in a respectful conversation with you? If you accuse them of trying to corrupt children merely by being open about who they are, why should they be civil toward you? They shouldn’t. So fuck you.

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