Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Tony Perkins

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Tony Perkins January 18, 2015

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, accusing their enemies of their own worst sins and being completely oblivious to their own contradictions. And hoo boy, does Tony Perkins do that in spades here, saying Islam is wrong because it’s a “judicial philosophy” and a political one.

We have a constitution, we have a system of government and laws, and we cannot entertain a religion that sees itself as a judicial philosophy, an economic philosophy and such, and impose that on the surrounding society.

*headpalmfacedesk* This from a former elected official who leads an organization that is explicitly political, that seeks to influence both legislators and the judicial system and impose their own system of laws on others. How is it possible to be this fucking oblivious to one’s own hypocrisy? Oh, right — it keeps the money flowing in. That explains it. And for added irony, here’s what he said on the very same show:

“Natural law, which is what the founders recognized and built upon, that’s why the issue of abortion has not been settled, because it runs counter to natural law,” he said. “Natural law, which as Christians we would make reference to, as Paul said in Romans 2, it’s written on the hearts of men. Natural law says it’s not right for a mother to kill her unborn child. That’s why regardless of what the courts said, nine unelected judges, regardless of what they’ve said, the issue has not been resolved and it won’t be resolved. And the same is true for marriage, I don’t care what a court rules, I don’t care what a judge says, the issue of marriage, because it emanates from natural law, from creation, it’s going to be here and it will be an issue politically from here until as long as I’m alive.”

I think I’ve hit my recommended yearly allowance of irony now.

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