Another Fact-Impaired Worldnetdaily Columnist

Another Fact-Impaired Worldnetdaily Columnist January 19, 2015

Craige McMillan’s only qualification, apparently, is that he’s a “longtime commentator” for the Worldnetdaily. That’s the only thing in the “about the author” section of his columns. The latest one, headlined “Leftists and Islamists Both Want You to Die For Their Cause,” is a textbook example.

It’s hard not to notice that Christianity – and to a lesser extent Judaism – are the only religions under attack in the United States and Western culture (inasmuch as the latter can be called a culture anymore). Islam, Hinduism, Satanism, Atheism, Humanism and even Kawanzaaism, although that group meets only once a year at Christmas, are all allowed to flourish without political or legal molestation.

Indeed, the law’s scales of blind justice are now being used to diminish Christianity and Judaism even while those same scales are encouraging Islam and other faiths. Courts and prosecutors hasten to require that mosques be built in communities vehemently opposed to their construction, while every roadblock is set up for new Christian churches.

We all know these things. But the question is, why are they happening?

Ah yes, another example of what “we all know” (and “we” here means people who read the Worldnetdaily) is happening that is wildly inaccurate. Not a word of this is even close to being true. Let me list the errors:

No, Christianity is not under attack, you’re just losing some of the privileges and influence you’ve come to covet.

There is no such thing as “Kawanzaaism,” even if you managed to spell “Kwanzaa” correctly.

The fact that other religions other than Christianity are allowed to flourish “without political or legal molestation” is a good thing. In fact, it’s required by that Constitution you claim to revere but know nothing about.

The fact that mosques can be built “in communities vehemently opposed to their construction” is also a good thing. Guess what? That’s true of churches too. We don’t put religious freedom up for a vote. Muslims have exactly the same right to build mosques as Christians have to build churches and that right is built into the Constitution and multiple state and federal statues too. And the notion that mosques are being built while churches are not is monumentally absurd.

But my favorite nugget of stupid in that the claim that “Courts and prosecutors” hasten to require that. This dumbass thinks that prosecutors have something to do with who gets to build mosques and churches. Hint: Prosecutors deal with crime and crime alone. They have absolutely nothing to do with anything McMillan is writing about. But he’s too ignorant to know that. That makes him pretty much the archetype of a Worldnetdaily columnist.

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