‘God and Country’ Recruiting Poster Pulled by Army

‘God and Country’ Recruiting Poster Pulled by Army January 19, 2015

Well that was quick. I knew there was no way the Pentagon would approve that sign that urged people to join the Army Special Forces “for God and country” and the recruiting poster that Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation called attention to at a recruiting center has now been removed.

A poster with the phrase “On a mission for both God and country” on display outside a Phoenix recruiting station was removed Friday morning, an Army Recruiting Command spokesman said, hours after the unapproved display was brought to the command’s attention.

The poster, which features a Special Forces patch along with Ranger, Airborne and Special Forces tabs, includes “a stock image” the command makes available for local recruiters, spokesman Brian Lepley said in an email, “but the text was changed by the local recruiting personnel” and not cleared by command headquarters.

“Had the process been followed, the copy shown would not have been approved,” Lepley said.

The article in the Army Times has comments that are exactly what one would expect:

Weinstein a go fuck himself. Very visibly punished? Go fuck yourself seriously who the fuck cares? Does it hurt someone’s weak ass feel bads? People who are this sensitive need a smack in the cocksucker…

My God , what has happened to our Country. Very soon it will be illegal to mention God except behind closed doors in our homes!!!…

I hate people who do not understand the establishment clause of the constitution. It was written so there could be no Church of America. Like the English created the Church of England. It was never meant to exclude saying the word God or mentioning God in the government. All these atheist are idiots. Why is it they can be offended and get their way. But as a person who believes in God and is a practicing Jew and a service member why do I have less of a say in these matters than atheists. I’m offended that it was taken down yet no one gives two shits what Jews or Christians or religious persons views are…

How about this, I’m fucking offended. I’m sorry but God is mentioned several times in our constitution oh and by the way it’s ONE NATION UNDER GOD. It’s in you know our pledge. I’ve fought to God damn hard over seas for this country to have this group insult what my brothers and I stand for!!!! I’m sick of this, fuck your military religious freedom bullshit. You have no clue what we want!!!! I can say this you’ve never been to Bragg because we bow our heads and pray almost before every jump you cock sucker. Publicly punished you make me sick! WE SHOULD FLOG YOU FOR YOUR AROGENCE AND CALL YOU A TRAITOR TO THE NATION! Doesn’t that make me sound like a crazy person??? Cause that’s how you and everyone who agrees with you sound along with your stupid group!…

AMERICAN soldiers don’t give a fuck about my God? Why don’t you throw on a uniform you fucking cock bag? Come on down to Bragg you fat kilt wearing faggot I’m fed the fuck up with worthless pieces of shit like you!

Ignorance, threats and sociopathy? How predictable.

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