Anti-Choice Groups Again Divided Over Rape Exception

Anti-Choice Groups Again Divided Over Rape Exception January 20, 2015

One of the very first things the Republicans are trying to pass now that they control both houses of Congress is a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, because…priorities. But the bill contains an exception for rape, which is once again dividing the anti-choice leaders and organizations.

Now that Blackburn has reintroduced the bill with a rape and incest exception included, the Personhood Alliance and Georgia Right to Life are coming out to oppose it. In a statement yesterday, the Personhood Alliance’s president, Daniel Becker, lambasted Republicans for introducing a “message bill” with what he believes is the wrong message: “This a message bill. The president has already vowed to veto the bill, so why, in a Republican led House and Senate, send out a message that fails to embrace the essence of the pro-life movement.”

And you have to love how disingenuous this statement from Georgia Right to Life is:

“Last Fall, voters sent a clear message that they’re fed up with political gamesmanship and lack of courage,” [GRTL Executive Director Genevieve] Wilson said. “There’s absolutely no need to compromise principles on any bill, especially one that President Obama has already said he will veto.”…

GRTL supported the 2013 version until an exception for rape and incest was added – which H.R.36 also has. We should pass bills that protect all children in the womb who feel pain, not just those conceived by consent.

Gotta love that argument, the absurd idea that voters “sent a clear message” of something vague and meaningless and therefore you should support this bill that an overwhelming percentage of Americans would not support. 83% of Americans think that even if abortion was banned, there should be an exception for rape.

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