Beck: ‘Principles’ Demand Preferential Treatment for Christianity

Beck: ‘Principles’ Demand Preferential Treatment for Christianity January 20, 2015

The schools in Orange County, Florida decided not to allow a Bible giveaway this year because doing so allows non-Christian groups to hand out literature as well and Glenn Beck is hopping mad about it. He says that if Christianity is not given preferential treatment, we’re committing “national suicide.” Because that’s totally reasonable.

“We are clearly a Judeo-Christian nation,” he said while warning that society has now begun to “coddle those who disagree with Judeo-Christian values.”

“We are becoming openly hostile to our own foundation,” Beck said. “We have tolerated and excused and embraced the ideals that are in direct opposition to our founding principles.”

After slamming the Florida school system for not even having “enough spine left to stand up to Satanists,” Beck insisted that this is not an issue of equal treatment or free speech.

“We lie to ourselves and we say it’s our principles, we believe in free speech,” he said. “It’s not our principles of free speech. This is national suicide.”

This is particularly ironic coming from a Mormon. The Mormons were heavily persecuted by the Christian majority in the 1800s and the same arguments were made for that persecution that he is making now.

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