Huckabee Still Hypocritically Going After Beyonce

Huckabee Still Hypocritically Going After Beyonce January 20, 2015

I’m almost impressed by Mike Huckabee’s ability to keep repeating the same bullshit while being utterly oblivious to his own hypocrisy. He continues to attack Beyonce, Jay-Z and the Obamas for letting their daughters listen to music that isn’t “wholesome.”

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee suggested on Sunday that President Barack Obama had not taught his children that Beyonce’s music was not “wholesome” because the Obamas lived on the wrong side of the “cultural divide.”

On Sunday, the former Arkansas governor told ABC host Martha Raddatz that people needed understand the “context” of his comments.

“Beyonce is a wonderful talent,” he admitted. “My point is, she doesn’t have to do some of the things that she does in the lyrics because it’s not necessary. She has nothing to make up for. She’s an amazing talent.”

Yeah, they should only listen to “wholesome” music. You know, like Ted Nugent’s Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. In fact, Mike Huckabee not only praises Nugent, he played bass with him for a performance on Cat Scratch Fever, wherein Nugent describes how he can “make a pussy purr with the stroke of my hand.” That’s the kind of wholesome music that kids should listen, the kind of music Huckabee not only allows but performs on his Fox News show. But that’s okay because it’s a man singing about sex; it’s totally wrong if a woman does it.

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