Wingnut: Obama Importing Muslims to Take Over America

Wingnut: Obama Importing Muslims to Take Over America January 20, 2015

Of all the weird right wing conspiracies about Obama and Muslims, the most bizarre has to be the claim that Obama is importing millions of Muslims to take over the country and impose Sharia law. The most unhinged version of it comes from Avi Lipkin, who claims that Obama is moving 50-100 million Muslims into the U.S. and hiding them in national parks. Sher Zieve offers the second most unhinged version at BarbWire:

Remember that the only time Islam and its Muslim adherents are non-violent is when there aren’t enough of them in an area to overwhelm and overcome the indigenous populations. But, when their populations grows to a certain level, the true barbarism of these people begins to immediately rear its head. We’re seeing it now in large portions of Dearborn, Michigan where Muslims have taken over and will not allow those of another faith to enter their community, let alone live there. When Muslims come into an area–and the Obama syndicate is working 24/7 to bring in enough of them to the USA so that they can and will help him overthrow it–they follow Muhammad’s actions to usurp it and begin their own communities segregated from the rest of the people. They then spread and take over more and more land, forcing out the current residents with acts of violence. In 2013 alone, Obama had over 300,000 Muslims imported and in 2014 he imported at least 70,000 more…calling them “refugees.“ This is what has happened to Dearborn, which is–for all intents and purposes–no longer part of the State of Michigan and certainly not the USA. Police will not protect non-Muslims in this area. There is a list of cities Islamists/Muslims have complied (see video link below and start at the 7 minute mark) of the major cities they plan to take over first. Thus far, there are 30 of them. When Muslims take over an area it is removed from the country and becomes pat of Islam. Bumper stickers on fences and signs warn those tempted to enter this portion of the country that it is a “Shariah Controlled Zone” and “Islamic Rule [is] Enforced.” Non-Muslims had best not enter or they will be stoned…and soon, I suspect, likely worse.

I’m sure it will come as a shock to hear that all of this is complete nonsense. The claim that 300,000 Muslims were “imported” to the United States in 2013 is three times higher than even her fellow wingnuts claim. Even the Islamophobic blog Sharia Unveiled only claims 100,000. About 10% of immigrants in the U.S. are Muslim and in 2013, a little under 800,000 immigrants came to this country.

And the claim that police won’t protect non-Muslims in Dearborn is staggeringly idiotic. Dearborn is about 40% Muslim. They don’t control the city. And even if they did, the notion that the police would not protect anyone else is about as stupid as any claim could possibly be. The idea that they’re going to take over 30 American cities is about 30 times dumber. And no one has ever been stoned in Dearborn or anywhere else in this country. Surprise, surprise, she’s full of shit.

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