Worldnetdaily Again Promotes Geocentrist Documentary

Worldnetdaily Again Promotes Geocentrist Documentary January 20, 2015

The Worldnetdaily is once again promoting a documentary that advocates geocentrism. No, this is not a misprint from the 15th century and it isn’t from The Onion. The documentary that Kate Mulgrew was tricked into doing the narration for is hitting at least a few theaters next week.

“The Principle” is the first-ever film devoted to examining and questioning a widely accepted scientific concept that has defined mankind’s place in the cosmos: the Copernican Principle.

“Conventional wisdom dictates that the idea of Earth being at the center of the universe is a holdover from an ancient, superstitious age,” the filmmakers explain. “Modern science has, for centuries, maintained that the human species is nothing special in the context of the cosmos. ‘The Principle’ re-examines and challenges that assumption.”

“This film may become renowned as one of the most controversial documentaries ever made,” says writer/producer Rick Delano. “It has already inspired tempestuous debate, and that’s before anyone has even seen the film. We’re bringing new scientific evidence to the table that challenges a 400-year-old worldview, and we encourage people to decide for themselves what these new revelations mean.”

As WND reported, “The Principle” boldly challenges the widely accepted principle, named after Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. He famously argued Earth revolves around the sun and went further to suggest Earth is in no central or favored place in the universe…

Citing Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and various current astronomers and defenders of the Copernican Principle, the documentary makes the case that the data science is discovering indicate the entire known universe is pointing directly at Earth.

“We are in a special place,” argues one of the voices quoted in the documentary. “I do believe that the universe was created by God.”

Yes, it “cites” Einstein and Newton to support a geocentrist universe. Because that’s totally credible.

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