Alex Jones: Pope to Kill a Billion People!

Alex Jones: Pope to Kill a Billion People! January 21, 2015

Alex Jones, always a calm, rational voice in any discussion, says that pope’s acceptance of anthropogenic global warming and advocacy of addressing it will KILL A BILLION PEOPLE IN THE NEXT DECADE (Run! Run away! Freak out! Nazis! Zombies! Commies!).

Conservative radio host Alex Jones accused Pope Francis on Monday of endorsing “carbon taxes and global government” following the Pope’s statements regarding climate change, saying his stance endangers the planet.

“Number one, carbon taxes will kill a billion people over a decade,” Jones said. “If you cut off energy to the world over 10 years it’ll kill off a billion people or more. [President Barack] Obama’s told them, you can’t have cars, you can’t have air conditioning, you can’t have medicine, you can’t have anything.”

Yeah, I’m sure Obama told “them” (whoever the fuck them is) exactly that. He did right after meeting with his alien overlords and revealing that he’s a reptilian.


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