Stupidity and Xenophobia in Texas? How Shocking.

Stupidity and Xenophobia in Texas? How Shocking. January 21, 2015

They’re building a new high school in Frisco, Texas and the school district decided to name it Lebanon High School to honor local history. That was the name given to the area by farmers who first settled the area that was later incorporated and called Frisco. Cue the xenophobic and idiotic response:

Some parents in the Frisco Independent School District want a name change for the new Lebanon High School, saying the school set to open next year shouldn’t share its name with the Middle East nation and that the community should get a say in naming it.

A group of eight parents met with NBC 5 Friday as they push for the district to rename the new school on Ohio Drive. They say they were originally told it would be called Freedom High School and are disappointed in what they call a less patriotic, and potentially confusing, choice…

But parent Liffey Skender wonders if that reference still resonates today. “There are a lot of people out there that are not happy with this name,” she said.

Skender voiced her concerns at a board of trustees meeting in December and says that since then, she’s received about 100 emails and two dozen phone calls from others who share them.

Robert Mays is another parent who shares her concerns. “For a high school name, it doesn’t fit this community,” Mays said.

Then you have a community of morons. There are at least 16 cities in the United States named Lebanon. Jesus, people like this make me want to get the hell off this planet sometimes.

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