Watch Out, Steve Doocy. Andrea Tantaros Wants Your Title.

Watch Out, Steve Doocy. Andrea Tantaros Wants Your Title. January 21, 2015

Steve Doocy has long held the title of the dumbest person on television, but his Fox News colleague Andrea Tantaros is clearly taking a run at the brass ring. On Martin Luther King Day, she said that because of Obama race relations were the worst they’ve been in the history of the United States.

“What I will not give him credit for is he said that he was going to heal this country, and I think a lot of people expected something different,” the Fox News host continued. “I didn’t because I read all his books and knew where he was going to go, and divide the country, and that’s how he’s advanced his career.”

“I think race relations are worse than they ever have been.”

Conservative radio host David Webb argued that it was dangerous to “put too much hope in any one man.”

“Why? Because one figure won’t change it,” Webb said.

“He has changed it,” Tantaros insisted. “He’s not just one figure, he’s the president of the United States, and he’s changed it for the worse.”

Worse than they have ever been? Worse than when white people owned black people, beat them and sold them and their children? Worse than that? Worse than when we were lynching blacks by the thousands? Worse than when a black man seen anywhere near a white woman would almost certainly be beaten or killed? Worse than when white business owners refused to let black people in their restaurants or hotels? Worse than when the police were turning fire hoses and dogs on black people who were peacefully protesting? Worse than that, really?

Tantaros is either abysmally ignorant of American history or she’s a professional liar. Since it isn’t possible that she would not know about slavery, I’m going with professional liar. Or she’s just an idiot. Take your pick.

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